Exact Hosting’s Malware Protection and Remediation service can help protect your web site from hackers.

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Focus on what you do best, running your business and let Exact Hosting take care of ensuring your web site remains online so your customers can reach you. Add Malware Protection to your current hosting package today!

Daily Scans

We scan your web site for viruses and malware every 24 hours.

SEO Injection, Spam and Virus Protection

If your web site has spam content on it that you didn’t post, we’ll remove it for you. If it’s sending spam, we’ll locate the offending files and remove them.*

Site Restoration

If your site is compromised, we’ll help bring it back online by removing infected pages or restoring from a backup.**

Proactive Security Measures

We’ll add additional security measures to your WordPress web site.

WordPress Updates

If your web site is compromised, we’ll immediately do a one time update of all your plugins, themes and WordPress core files to ensure future stability.***


Starting from $12.99/month


*We’ll remove content that we think is spam. This may include legitimate content that the customer has posted. It’s the customers responsibility to notify us if incorrect content was removed.
**A backup must be provided by the customer in order to restore files. Exact Hosting is not responsible for having a clean backup of your web site.
***We will update your plugins, core and theme files if necessary, however we are not responsible if these updates break your web site. It is always recommended that you consult your web developer before proceeding with updating outdated scripts.